Techno Turf Lawn Care

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$399 leaf cleanup special(3 months seasonal), , technoturf practices organic lawn care, feed the plants

Our Service

We Offer


reliable lawn care services as well as special event re-arranging of the regular service for holiday's, family events, emergency tree clean-up and snow covered driveways as we learned recently,  is still very possible in Alabama.

8-month service

- includes service every 2 weeks* from the month of March to November.

  • Mowing with well maintained commercial equipment designed for residential lawns
  • Trimming up with string trimmer to catch the rest
  • 3 trims of the shrubbery, does not include heavy cutbacks unless all 3 trims used
  • Blowing off all surfaces
  • Inspecting and evaluating problem areas in your lawn
  • Picking up and removing sticks, acorns, hickory nuts and other unwanted debris


12-month service

- includes service every 2 weeks year around.

  • Every thing above plus
  • Replacement of mulch or pine straw
  • edging 5 times per year
  • aeration of lawn to help it grow
  • Beds worked, weeded and aerated for shrubbery health
  • Filling of holes and wash-outs, exposed driveway areas
  • Leaf-season: repurposing the leaf material into mulch for lawn and beds
  • Gutter Cleaning through out the year when necessary and for general maintenance


optional services - For just a little bit more, never full price and never as much as market.

  • Weed control, both organic and chemical based
  • Tree maintenance, trimming, removing, deadwood, raise canopies
  • Fences, repairs, gate adjustments, removal
  • Flowers, bulbs, sod and other landscaping
  • Irrigation repair


Packages start at $125**/265 month and subject to these conditions:

  • Size of lot
  • Type of grass
  • Amount trimming
  • Amount of shrubbery
  • Condition of existing lawn/plants
  • Difficult areas like hills, ditches, stumps, gulleys, etc.


*Every two weeks is a relative term. Service is to equal 2 times per month for the term of the package. 8-month package equals 16 visits, 12-month package equals 24 visits. We may at no additional charge to you, split the visits to accommodate heavy rain months that make grass grow faster than is exceptable in 2 weeks, and instead make 3-4 visits during those heavy rain fall times while taking equal visits from the end of the agreement. On yearly agreements/12-month, it is customary to spread winter visits to accommodate the extra visits and the number of visits work out . We also sometimes use winter visits to do shrubs and gutter cleaning services. What ever the lawn needs...that is what we do!

** Represents our minimum price for Garden Home/Regular lot. Large lot minimum not represented.

***Average medium lot full service agreements with ranges from $165/265 monthly